Although windshields are made of highly-durable glass, they can be damaged just like everything else from both direct and indirect contact. In the case of fractured windshield glass, you should consult with a certified technician immediately. Bring your car to an experienced mechanic for windshield repair service at your local Windshield ShatterFix Private Limited local shop in South Delhi, Noida or Greater Noida. We’ll determine whether your damaged windshield requires a repair or replacement. Once you’re outfitted with a scruff-free screen, be aware of the following factors so you can avoid further repairs in the future.  


If you’ve been involved in a car accident or other road collision, you’ve likely suffered from a broken windshield before. High impact automobile accidents, in particular, cause the worst glass damage because of all the force and pressure exerted onto the car. However, even a smaller accident could split the windshield, especially if the glass has a preexisting crack. These instances usually require a complete windshield replacement due to the integrity of the glass being compromised. 

Collisions aren’t exclusive to car accidents. Any item that hits your windshield with high speed and high force could cause it to break. For example, children playing in the street often miscalculate their aim, causing the ball to interfere with a vehicle. Be sure to park your vehicle somewhere not easily accessible by others to avoid a costly repair due to a silly accident. 


Most people don’t realize that drastic temperatures can affect your car. As the days get colder, we’ll soon have to worry about defrosting our cars and scraping ice off of our windshields. Cold temperatures cause every component of your car to contract, including the glass. If you have any sort of chips or cracks in your car, make sure to get them repaired before the cold sets in. Any scratches on the glass will cause the stress from compression to distribute unevenly, which will end up creating larger cracks in the windshield. 

Be aware of the adverse effects of hot objects against the cold glass. If you think boiling water or excessive heat will help you defrost your windshield faster, you’ll be in for quite a surprise when your windshield cracks before your eyes. Drastic temperatures don’t mix well together, and the intense stress from the heat and the cold simultaneously will surely damage your windshield.