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Should You Repair or Replace a Cracked Windshield?

People will get cracks in their car’s windshield at some point. Most people delay getting cracks and chips fixed because they are worried about the cost and hassle of fixing them. They often start small, seemingly like they are not a problem at all. They can be annoying, depending on where they are on the windshield. Ignoring damages to the windshield can have long term effects, however. Delaying getting them repaired could mean they get worse in the future, eventually cutting off vision and causing extra glare from the sun. Not getting them taken care of right away can also mean costlier repair bills later.

The question on replacement versus repair depends on what type of crack a car has. If it is a smaller one on the inner part of the windshield, then usually it is easy enough to repair. Cracks that run three inches or shorter tend to be the easiest to fix rather than replace. There are a few techniques that can allow for repair up to twelve inches in size for a crack. Longer than that and replacement becomes the preferred method of repair. Cracks along the edges of windshields are also easier to designate for replacement as they can spread quicker and cause more structural damage to the glass.

That is one reason it is recommended to get a crack or chip in a windshield looked at quickly. Most repair places can fill in the gaps with epoxies that make it as strong as if there was not any damage. The bigger the damage the more they have to use, and the costlier it will be over all. Repair also prevents expansion of damage and ensures a safer drive with less chance of further damage. It takes the stress away from worrying about further damage that might be happening to your car’s windshield.

Windshield repair does not have to be a daunting issue to tackle. Act as soon as there is a problem and most places can repair damage quickly. The long term health of a windshield is necessary to ensure proper protection and safety. If a windshield does need replacing, do not hesitate to do so as it could cause even more worry in the long run. Most insurance companies cover repair and replacement, and fast action can save a driver cost and hassle.