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Having a windshield replaced is a necessary evil for many drivers, and it’s one that doesn’t really discriminate between the seasons. Drivers are as likely to need a new windshield on the hottest day of the year as they are during a deep freeze in the middle of January. One thing to keep in mind is that the most reputable repair companies will simply refuse to perform this service outdoors during the winter, at least in those parts of the country where “winter” is synonymous with “bone-chilling” cold. Here’s why.

1. Glue Hates the Cold, No Matter What

Replacing a windshield requires a special kind of adhesive that is doubly, triply strong. It’s designed to be this strong so that the windshield can hold up against the force of wind and debris when a car is traveling down the highway at 80 miles per hour. The adhesive also ensures that the window stays in place, doesn’t slide off the car, and doesn’t become an automatic traffic hazard during an extended trip.

In winter, this adhesive gets very brittle and it loses a significant amount of its adhesive power. That means repair work done outdoors on cold winter days can place the windshield, the driver, and everyone else on the highway at risk of serious danger. The most reputable companies understand this, and that’s why they’ll require customers to have any repair or replacement work done in an auto shop rather than in the driveway at home. For what it’s worth, drivers should go along with this requirement for their own safety.

2. Moisture Content Can Create a Real Obstacle During Replacement

Winter air is weird, to put it lightly. The presence of snow makes the air more humid, which increases its moisture content. Furthermore, extremely cold air itself is already pretty humid when compared to mid-summer air. This added moisture content outdoors can actually reduce the adhesive power of glue. While the cold air itself will make the glue brittle and less effective, moisture will make it slippery and unable to perform as a key part of the car’s structural system. For the best possible structural support and long-term durability, windows should never be installed outdoors during excessively humid situations, whether it’s because of winter snowfall or summer heat waves.

Opt for an Indoor Installation and Enjoy Better Quality of Work

Using an indoor installation process might require a longer drive, but it will result in a windshield installation that stands the test of time and keeps the driver safe. That makes a real difference in a world where even one small problem can cause the total loss of both cars and lives.

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