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Automotive glass is designed specifically for vehicles. It’s constructed differently so that in the event of an accident, it doesn’t shatter like the glass in your home. Automotive glass is also far more durable than other kinds. That’s why you can hear the nick of a pebble striking your window while driving down the highway and not sustain a chip or crack.

Of course, while your car’s windshield is durable, it isn’t indestructible. Damage can occur, which may lead to obstructed driving and, in some instances, your vehicle may be deemed illegal to drive due to the severity of a crack. While you can’t predict when a hail storm might strike or when a baseball might fly over the backstop and strike your car, you can take some general precautions in order to maintain your windshield. Here are some of the best tips to utilize to protect your windshield and, in the event of damage, limit the extent.

Driving Recommendations

Stones and bits of pavement are flung back from cars all the time. Additionally, objects may fall out of trucks or blow out of windows. The best driving practice is to give yourself ample distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you. This tip isn’t just to protect your windshield but also you as a driver. By staying back a safe distance you give yourself more reaction time. Those few extra feet may be the difference between debris from the car in front of you striking your windshield and you swerving out of the way.

Watch the Temperature

Temperature changes will cause the glass in your vehicle to expand and contract. Over time, extensive heat directly applied to your windshield will weaken the glass. Due to this, it’s best to pack in the shade whenever possible. The window shades don’t do much in terms of protecting the glass from the heat (although it does protect the dash from fading and cracking), so do what you can to prevent extended exposure to high temperatures.

Repair Windshield Chips Immediately

There are some instances where you just can’t avoid a chip in the windshield. You may not even notice when it happens, but one day you climb into the car and see a nick in the window. Whenever you see such a small chip or crack you need to have it repaired immediately. When window damage goes untreated, it will inevitably grow. Temperature fluctuations around the glass will cause it to slowly grow outward. This can become a dangerous distraction. Not to mention, it also becomes more expensive to repair. Smaller chips can be repaired, but if you allow it to fester and grow, you’ll eventually need the entire windshield replaced.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Once you notice your windshield wipers are unable to push away all water on the glass, it’s time to have the wipers replaced. Over time, the wiper blades will lose shape, which can put unnecessary pressure on certain areas of the windshield (instead of evenly disbursing the pressure applied by new wiper blades). Poor wiper blades alone will not damage your vehicle, but when combined with other problem areas, you’ll reduce the strength of the glass, making it more susceptible to potential cracks and chips.

Ditch the Chemicals

When washing your windshield, avoid harsh chemicals. Chemicals can lead to glass discoloration and even strip away the protective coating on your glass. Instead, always use automaker approved cleaning products or, if you’re more inclined to making your own cleaning solutions, consider a vinegar and water combination (just make sure to rinse it off completely when done). One of the biggest culprits to look out for is ammonia. Many household cleaners contain ammonia and you may feel like if it works inside your house it should work outside on your car. You couldn’t be more wrong. Ammonia dries out plastic and vinyl. Not only can it damage your glass but it may dry out the protective barrier around the glass.

Treat Your Vehicle Nicely

We’ve all been there. Maybe you had a frustrating phone call or you were involved in an argument with someone else while taking a drive. To let out a little steam you slam the car door shut. In the future, don’t do this.

Slamming your car door will send shock waves through the glass, which in turn can weaken it. Think of it like an earthquake. A minor one might not do anything, but over time, the fourth or fifth minor earth quake may end up causing significant damage. So, while slamming your car door may feel good at the time, it can end up causing problems later.

Windshield ShatterFix

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