A broken windshield may seem to be a rare problem. But in reality, it’s a very common problem. Even the causes behind the broken windshield may shock you. Hence, you should know the most common causes behind a broken windshield.
All these common causes are explained below.

1) Accidents

This is a pretty obvious reason. So, you might not be thinking about it. But, you should always be careful about any kind of car accidents. Accidents can produce an extreme force. This force is enough to crack your car’s windshield. If your car’s glass already has a crack, then this force can expand that crack. Moreover, this extreme force can completely break your windshield. Sometimes you may fail to spot a little crack. Eventually, it takes a bigger shape and you notice it. So, whenever your car faces an accident, you should observe your car’s windshield keenly. Because accidents are not good for your car’s windshield’s health.

2) Poor Installation

Poor windshield installation is a prime reason behind a broken windshield. If your windshield is installed loosely, then it is at much higher risk. A poorly installed windshield may give you some signs. For example – while driving, air will pass through your glass and it may whistle. Apart from that, during the car wash, you may get wet. If you experience these signs, then your car’s windshield is not installed properly. In reality, pressure, heat, and force can break your car’s windshield. A loosely installed windshield receives all these combinations. Hence, it breaks easily. So, you should visit a repair shop to install that windshield properly on time. It will save you money.

3) Debris or Small Rock Chips

Debris or small rock chips can damage your car’s windshield. It’s an obvious reason. But, you should never ignore it. Rock chips stay on your windshield and they spread. As a result, a small crack takes a bigger shape. Sometimes it becomes hard to notice debris or rock chips in your car’s windshield. This is a bad problem. But there is a way to notice rock chips in your
car’s windshield. You can run your fingers over the windshield. If you find any depressions on your car’s windshield, then it’s the time to repair the windshield. Apart from that, you may feel that your car’s windshield lacks a smooth surface. In that case, you should also look visit a windshield repair shop.

4) Inferior Quality Of Glass

A few days ago, one of my relatives experienced something really strange. They were driving down on a smooth road. Suddenly their car’s windshield shattered down. There was no obvious reason behind this broken windshield. It was early morning and they were going to the airport. Hence, it was an embarrassing situation. Later the reason was revealed. The glass of the car was of poor quality. That’s why it had weak sections and cracks. As a result, the glass was not strong enough to withstand every situation. To avoid this kind of situation, you should always use a strong and high-quality windshield glass. Because only a supreme quality glass has no manufacturing defect. Windshield ShatterFix Private Limited is the place to call for all your high-quality glass repair needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out.