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Knowing how to take care of a windshield that has just been replaced is the first step towards maintaining your investment. Keep your new windshield in good condition and ensure that it lasts as long as possible by following a few easy tips after installation.


  • Wait to drive the vehicle.
  • Leave a window cracked open.
  • Keep the area inside and out of the car clear.
  • Don’t remove the retention tape.
  • Avoid car washes and power washers.
  • Go easy on the new windshield.

For the First Hour After Windshield Replacement…

The first few hours after windshield replacement are the most critical. Protect your new windshield by following these guidelines.

Wait to Drive the Vehicle

Windshield replacement requires the use of an adhesive which holds the glass in place and creates a strong, waterproof seal around it. It’s important to give the adhesive adequate time to set and dry. To ensure the best results, we recommend waiting to drive the car for at least one hour following installation. The technicians who install the new windshield will remind you of this after the work has been completed.

When you first get in your car, be careful to look for shards of glass that may be left over from the old windshield. Technicians try to ensure that all of the glass pieces have been cleaned up before returning the vehicle to its owner. But you can never be too careful.

For the First Two Days After Windshield Replacement…

In the 24 to 48 hours after the new glass has been installed, there are a few important precautions to take.

Keep the Area Inside and Out of the Car Clear

While the seal is drying, you don’t want to allow anything to adhere to it or push up against it. For the first day after installation, don’t place any type of cover on the exterior of the vehicle. You should also avoid using a sunshade on the inside of the windshield and keep the dashboard free of clutter.

Leave a Window Cracked Open

Air pressure can put extra stress on the seal around the car glass as it dries. To keep pressure from causing leaks, leave a window rolled down at least an inch. It’s best to do this for the first day after installation.

Don’t Remove the Retention Tape

Car glass technicians often use a retention tape to hold the windshield moldings in place and guarantee that the seal is protected from the elements while it’s in the process of drying. It may not look great, but it’s best to leave this tape in place for the first day or two after the new glass has been installed.

Avoid Car Washes and Power Washers

To ensure that the new moldings don’t get damage or shift before they have had enough time to set completely, avoid high-pressure car washes, automatic car washes and the use of power washers. If you want to wash your car in the first two days following windshield replacement, opt for a regular hand wash.

Go Easy on the New Windshield

Try not to put unnecessary stress on the adhesive as its setting around the new glass. Close the car doors gently, rather than slamming them, and avoid driving on roads in poor conditions with a lot of potholes and bumps.

Windshield Replacement Experts in Your Area

Maintaining your newly replaced windshield doesn’t a ton of work. With a little bit of extra attention, you can extend the life of the car glass and reduce the need for expensive repairs down the road. For car glass repair and replacement – throughout Delhi NCR region contact Windshield ShatterFix today by calling 9312931170 or request a quote online for free.